Food and Beverage Industry Connections

We get many requests to connect people to local services and products each week and sometimes we don’t have the answer, so we are now asking our wider network for assistance! We will remove the listing below once the need has been filled. 

If you are seeking something, please contact to discuss what you are looking for and we will help.


Network member is looking for producers to donate fresh produce, seconds and food waste to be put through their Ultra High Pressure Processing machine. He is at the testing phase and trying different food products to see what output he is able to deliver.

Reference: 001 | Date 29-03-2022

Network member is looking for producers who are interested in joining a soil carbon interest group to follow the Soil Carbon Project he is running on his farm in Bridgetown. Commitment includes filling out a pre and post project survey and being sent updates on the project via email. You will also be invited to attend optional workshops, field walks and field days.

Reference: 002 | Date 29-03-2022


A Curtin graduate in Nutrition and Food Science is looking for a role related to or in quality assurance or new product development.

Reference: 003 | Date 29-03-2022


Network member is looking for a Tunnel Pasteuriser to assist making a new non-alcoholic beer. Preferably located in the Southwest or Peel region!

Reference: 004 | Date 29-03-2022

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