AusIndustry Supporting the Future of Food

AusIndustry Supporting the Future of Food

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AusIndustry provides expertise, connections and grants to help Australian businesses grow, diversify and innovate. 

AusIndustry is made up of a range of initiatives, including programs, services, and financial grants to help take your business to the next level.

If you have a new way of doing things, a brand-new service or technology, or a novel product that you want to take to market and export, our Outreach Network team will work directly with you to make the process as simple as possible.

Through our initiatives, we provide support to a variety of food and agribusiness customers across food manufacturing, importing/exporting, sustainability and emissions reduction. This includes supporting businesses who are operating in the future of food space.

Supporting the Future of Food Conference is important to AusIndustry, who deliver programs, funding and services to the food and agribusiness sector through initiatives such as the Entrepreneurs’ Programme. One of our Entrepreneurs’ Programme facilitators, Julie Kirby, is a food and agriculture specialist who is participating on a panel during the conference.

Through programs such as the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, the Research and Development Tax Incentive, Cooperative Research Centres and Venture Capital, AusIndustry provides support to the future of food in the food and agricultural sector. We love supporting the growth of businesses and seeing innovations come to life.

Some of our clients include: Natural Evolution, who have innovated and commercialised a breakthrough discovery in high resistance starches from green bananas intended for waste, and Australian Vinegar, who have created unique, boutique vinegars using food waste.

You can find out more about how AusIndustry can support your food and agricultural business at our booth, where our local Regional Manager, Roban Clarke, will be available to provide tailored advice for your circumstance.

Australian Vinegar Founder and CEO, Ian Henderson, and Entrepreneurs’ Programme Facilitator, Mark Goldsmith

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